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American Paint Company’s all natural, non VOC, plant and fruit based dark wax is available to finish, enhance and provide an additional dimension to your piece.  The dark wax may be added after Clear Wax has been applied and/or before, dependent on the desired effect.

Dark Wax: our wax with natural pigments added to create an antique look. Ingredients: Clear Wax and natural earth pigments.

Apply sparingly with a soft brush or lint free cloth.  This can either be applied on top of clear wax or by itself. Remove any excess.  Leave more wax in the areas that you want the deeper pigmentation.  Remove all wax from areas that you do not want an aged appearance.  Allow to rest several minutes, before wiping away all excess.  Apply a second coat if needed for deeper color.  Do not over saturate your wood with the wax.  Build color slowly. Use only a soft cloth to buff.  For a harder finish, apply a coat of the Clear Wax several days after the application of the Dark Wax.  Dark Wax and all pigmented waxes take practice.  Always work on a sample board prior to first use.

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