Healing Yourself With Crystals and Other Natural Stones

Healing Yourself With Crystals and Other Natural Stones
Michael J. Kouri | Barn & Charm 22700 #A Lyons Ave Newhall, Ca 91321 |

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Michael J. Kouri

Have you ever wondered why so many people enjoy wearing natural crystals? Do Crystals really have Healing powers? Can Crystals add blessings to our homes and apartments, condos, cars, office space, place of business? Can we use Crystals to heal our pets? The answer to all of these questions is YES…

Come and join me as I teach my famous seminar based on my book “Healing Yourself With Crystals and other Natural Stones” on Sunday, November 18th, at Barn & Charm in Newhall, California. The time of the seminar is 1 pm – 6 pm and the price is just $95.00 per person prepaid by Nov 14, or $185.00 thereafter.

During this seminar, I’ll not only teach you about Crystals, shells, Lava, Granite, Malachites, Labradorite, Tigers Eye and Other popular Natural Stones, but you’ll learn which Crystals do the most good for Humans, Pets, Home Blessings, and more.

I’ll also teach you how to heal yourselves of common headaches using crystals, eye ailments, stress, back and body aches, psychic attacks from others, and I’ll teach you how to use certain types of crystals/stones to communicate with your Spirit Guides, dearly departed loved ones, deceased pets, and friends now on the “Other Side.” You can bring some of your own crystals to work with, or use mine as I demonstrate the proper ways to hold crystals, meditate with them, and how to properly use Pendulums, too.

Everyone who attends this special seminar will also receive a “free” mini Psychic Reading with me as well.

Do you know who your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides are by Name? You’ll learn this and much more during this educational and “fun” Seminar.

You’ll also learn how to properly cleanse crystals, and the types of tools best to use to do so. I’ll be bringing Special Crystal/Stone Cleansing supplies to the seminar for sale. It is very important to cleanse your crystals after someone has touched them, and they no longer work for you. Cleansing your crystals the right way is a very important part of working with them to get the best high energy frequencies to work with you.

Light refreshments will be served and seating is very limited so pre-paid registration is required. Contact Barn & Charm at (661) 255-5466 see you there.

About Michael J. Kouri

Michael J. Kouri has known of his psychic abilities since early childhood. He has appeared on numerous national and international radio and television shows and has offered private psychic readings to royalty, presidents, movie stars and average people alike throughout his career. Perhaps you've seen Michael with Barbara Walters on the View, 20/20, Oprah, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, or heard him being interviewed on Coast to Coast with Art Bell and George Noory, KROQ, KOST 103.5 to name a few. Michael is the published author of over 70 books on a wide variety of subjects, many of his books are available for sale at Barn and Charm along with antiques. Michael has worked as an antique dealer most of his life and can "read" old objects by holding or touching them. He has performed Psychometry (the gift of touching objects) all his life, is an appraiser, and also works within the music and entertainment industry as a soloist, musician and a paranormal consultant for Motion Pictures, and Student films. Come and meet Michael at Barn & Charm on Sunday, November 18th, as he teaches you how to Heal Yourself With Crystals and Other Natural Stones. Michael also teaches his students at Barn & Charm how to see Auras and more...

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  • From:Nov 18, 2018,1:00 PM
  • To:Nov 18, 2018,6:00 PM
  • Location: Barn & Charm Boutique

    22700 Lyon's Ave Newhall, Ca 91321, 91321, Barn & Charm 22700 #A Lyons Ave Newhall, Ca 91321.

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  • Nov 18, 2018,12:00 am

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